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Stackfyn does not charge DSA anything for leads. Also the marketing charge is limited to the amount that DSAs pay to Google for online leads. Leads generated offline come to you free of any cost. The amount paid to Google depends on the scale of the campaign that you run on Stackfyn. For more information see the pricing.

The leads are generated through dedicated website for you real time with the help of campaigns on Google Adwords which we setup for FREE. So if a potential customer visits your website at 10.20 pm and applies for a loan as a part of your campaign, you get the lead on your website based exclusive Lead Management System (CRM) at 10.20 pm itself. You also get a simultaneous sms to the registered mobile number and an e-mail.

If you do not trust the exclusivity of leads bought from online websites than you do need your own dedicated website to generate leads via online marketing campaigns

As of now, you can get leads for home loan, loan against property, personal loans, business loans and car loan. We will be adding other segments shortly.

It depends on the team size and fulfillment capacity that you have and the category you are targeting. While the DSA onboarding team at Stackfyn will advise you on the ideal campaign size, the final decision will always be yours.

With your leads, DSAs get a web based lead management and team management CRM from Stackfyn for free. Stackfyn is also in the process of giving out a handheld based app which would automate the sales process for multiple banks and multiple products.

Yes, you can target specific cities if you have lead conversion teams in these cities. You can also target specific areas in cities so that your campaign will only generate leads from the areas you target.

The basic plan of Stackfyn is FREE for the life time. Basic plan includes website hosted on sub-domain, lead management system, CRM and Google Adwords with pre-set campaigns ( tried and tested over last 7 years). For more information refer to pricing details above.

Yes. There is no fee that Stackfyn charges if the loans are logged in through the Stackfyn codes. Payment is credited to DSA on the same day that Stackfyn receives the payment. We offer codes across 13 banks and NBFCs. For details of the payout you can write a mail to